How can I perform a firmware update on my MVN Link system?

To make optimal use of your system, it is recommended to always have your firmware and software up to date. Updating your firmware is necessary in some cases to utilize new features. Please check the MVN Release Notes on this website to see if the firmware is up to date with your MVN software version. To download the latest version of the Firmware Updater and MVN Animate/Analyze through this link

Follow these steps for performing a firmware update on your Bodypack and MTx2 Motion Trackers:

  1. Connect the Bodypack directly to the computer by an Ethernet cable (use the Ethernet port on the bottom of the Bodypack). 
  2. Connect the Batterypack to the Bodypack
  3. Connect all motion trackers (including the prop) to the bodypack
  4. Switch on the Bodypack. 
  5. Run the Firmware Updater. 
  6. After a successful firmware, please disconnect and reboot the bodypack before use. 


1 - The window of the firmware updater keep saying "Scanning for devices...Please wait."


Open the window "Allow an app through Windows Firewall".


Make sure that the boxes of "Firmware Updater" are unchecked.


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