Sample Data

Example data can help to understand our sensors and also the ease of use of MT Software Suite. 

Measurement is taken using MT Manager 4.7 and MT FW 1.5.1

MT_03600136_000.mtb is recorded with Orientation Quaternion (100 Hz), Inertial data dq and dv (400 hz), Magnetic Field (100 Hz), Temperature (400 Hz).

MT_03700409_000.mtb is recorded with the following settings: Orientation Quaternion (400Hz), Intertial data dq and dv (400Hz) 

MT_03700409_001.mtb is recorded with settings Orientation Quaternion (400 Hz), Rate of Turn and Acceleration (400 Hz), Magnetic Field (100 Hz), Temperature (400 Hz), Barometric Pressure (50 Hz)

MT_03700409_002.mtb is recorded with settings Sensor Component Readout all (2000 Hz) Barometric Pressure (50Hz)


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