Importing .MVNX Files into Excel

MVNX is a human readable, XML format which can be imported to many other software programs, including MATLAB and Excel. This format contains the most information, including the sensor data, segment kinematics and joint angles, as well as the subject information needed to recreate a 3D visualization of a character. Here in the section we will talk about importing this file type into Excel.

Upon opening the .MVNX file in excel you will get the following prompt:


Click "Yes" to proceed past the prompt. This will bring up another prompt - choose the option for "Use the XML Source task pane".


Once you open it on the right hand side you will see the XML Source Task Pane - this details all of the contents of the .MVNX file in a collapsible file structure.

From here you are able to drag and drop the components that you want to include in the excel spreadsheet.

Please see section 14.5 in the MVN User Manual for section descriptions.

You can then "refresh all" to bring over the data from the MVNX file into the excel spreadsheet.

 Take a look at the video we have for importing videos into excel as a supplement to this document:


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