MTw/Awinda receiver not found

In case your MTw tracker or Awinda receiver (station or dongle) is not found in your software there are several options that could solve this issue.

First, make sure that the USB port is working properly. Trying a different USB port might help. 

Second, you can check whether the drivers are properly installed. Go to Computer Management > Device Manager > Universal Serial Bus controllers. If your devices are connected you should see the Xsens Awinda drivers there. In case they are not there, please reinstalling the MT Software Suite (without having Xsens devices connected to the computer) .

Third, the MTw development kits are not able to work in 2 programs at once. Running the Matlab (or C++/C#) example code while MT Manager is still open will prevent Matlab (a.o.) from finding any devices. Please close one of the programs in order to proceed (a rescan is needed). 


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