End of Life Announcement of MTw (MTW-38A70G20)

Xsens announces the end of life of the MTw (MTW-38A70G20). This decision has been made due to release of restricted component availability. Products or parts that are subject to this End of Life notice are:

MTw Development Kit (MTW-DK-#)
MTw Development Kit Lite (MTW-DK-LITE)
MTw (MTW-38A70G20)
Awinda Receiving Dongle (AWNDDNG)

We appreciate your understanding and will do whatever we can to minimize the impact of these changes on your company. We look forward to fulfilling your company’s requirements in the years to come.


Milestone  Definition Date
End-of-Life Notice This notice serves as formal communication of Xsens intent to end the life of the products noted. 1 October 2015
End-of-sale The EOS date is the date until the products subject to this EOL can be ordered. The product is not sold any longer after the date. A PO will be rejected after the date. Note: During phase-out period, availability can be restricted by availability of components. 21 December 2015
Last Shipping Date The last-possible shipping date that can be requested. Actual shipping date depend on lead times. 29 February 2016
Last date of support The last date that Xsens Technical Support will provide support on the products subject to this EOL procedure. 1 year after purchase


Product warranty will be valid for any product purchased for up to 1 year past the purchase date.

Product repairs may be performed for up to 1 year past the purchase date.

Replacement Product is the MTw2 Awinda

Backwards compatibility
The MTw2 Awinda will be compatible with version 4.4.4 (beta) or higher of the MT Software Suite.

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