MVN Studio 4.98 BETA

To setup MVN studio for motion capture, follow these steps.
  1. Open MVN Studio 4.98
  2. Setup > Body Dimensions; check out this video for further instructions

  3. Setup > Perform ‘‘N-Pose + Walk" calibration, please see video for the calibration procedure

    NOTE: The Walk" calibration procedure will ask you to stand in an Npose for a few seconds, followed by walking up and down in a (straight) line. Good quality of the Npose is essential for good performance:

    • Stand upright on a horizontal surface.
    • Feet parallel, one foot width apart.
    • Knees above feet.
    • Hips above knees.
    • Back straight.
    • Shoulders above hips; do not lift shoulders up.
    • Arm straight alongside body (vertically), thumbs forwards.
    • Face forward.
    • Do not move during the Npose procedure.

  4. Now you can start recording your desired motions.
Post processing recorded files
  1. Open MVN Studio 4.98
  2. Open the file you would like to process.
    NOTE: If file starts to auto-process on opening, wait untill this is finished before going to step 3.
  3. Make sure the scenario is set to "Single Level".

  4. Press the process button to start processing the file.

    NOTE: Processing takes about 10 times the length of the file in time. You can process multiple files at once. Per CPU core it will process 1 file, so when cores are exceeded by amount of files, processing time will increase.

    Sign up for the Beta "HERE"
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