Adding a Prop Sensor

This article discusses how to add a prop sensor in MVN Studio.

Props are additional motion trackers can be attached to items to be measured in a recording, for example a sword, or a walking stick. These items to be measured are called “Props” and the motion tracker (MTw or MTx) attached to them are “Prop Trackers”. A prop can be tracked by attaching a prop sensor to one of the free connectors on the hands.

Navigate to Options > Configure Props. Note: If you don't have a prop sensor connected this option will be grayed out.

Once the preference window is open you will be able to see all of the prop configurations that are available.

You can choose which location the prop is connected to. These are connected to points. The selection is narrowed down by choosing the particular segment which the point is associated with.

In order to determine the Motion Tracker orientation when holding the prop look at the following image:

The prop tracker should be mounted onto the prop such that two sides of the casing are parallel with
the prop
. For example, if you are mounting the prop on a sword, mount the prop tracker on the flat side of a sword with one axis aligned with the blade of the sword. Then, the orientation of the motion tracker can be set according to the natural orientation of the physical prop when holding it while in an N-pose.


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