Streaming from MVN Analyze to Siemens Jack

This article discusses how to stream from MVN Studio to Siemens Jack.

MVN Studio

You will first need to enable the Network Streamer by navigating to Options > Preferences > Network Streamer. You will need to make sure that "Enable network streaming" is checked off.

You can then check the box for Siemens Tecnomatix to stream into Siemens Jack.

Use ‘localhost’ to send/receive on the same computer. UDP is the default protocol. To stream using TCP, it is important to specify this in the destination address, for example: tcp:// or tcp://localhost:4085. You can change the port number (4085) for your desired streaming port.

If you are running Siemens Jack on the same PC as MVN studio then you can specify the "localhost:4085" as the streaming destination. This will allow MVN Studio to stream to port 4085.

Siemens Jack

To view the motion capture data, start Jack 7.1 or above.

Create a default male or female

Next navigate to Modules > Motion Capture > Communication Protocol > Server Setup

Click Start Server to receive data.

Next we need to link the Xsens avatar to the Jack manikin. Navigate to Modules > Motion capture > Communication Protocol > Tracking Setup

Click Add


Select the Human Model and click "Add Pair"

Then Scale the Jack manikin by entering the height measurement from MVN Studio into Jack. After this you can click constrain to begin driving Jack using the motion from MVN Studio.



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