Voltages of Awinda Station Synchronization Ports

On the back of the Awinda Station there are four BNC ports, two Sync In ports and two Sync Out. The ports have been configured to send (Sync Out) or receive (Sync In) TTL pulses from 0-3.3V. The sync settings can be set in specific setups, variating with low- and logic signals. Within the Awinda Station, the logic low has a value from 0-0.99V (0.3*3.3V) and the logic high a value of 2.31-3.3V (0.7*3.3V). Therefore, to send a signal to the Awinda station, a power supply with a voltage of at least 2.31V is needed.



Please note that some devices use 5V. In theory, this might cause damage to the Sync In ports of the Awinda station when receiving 5V pulses from third party systems. For this reason it is advised to separately purchase a 3.3-5V/5V-3.3V SMD level translator. In general sending a 3.3V pulse from an Awinda station Sync Out is fine. Unless a threshold of 5V of the third party system is required, in which case the 3.3V-5V SMD level translator will be required.

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