Updating a firmware of an MTi when there is no internet connection available

In some cases it is not possible to update the firmware of an MTi directly with the Firmware Updater. This can be because there is no internet connection to the update server of Xsens. A reason can be that an internet connection is not possible (e.g. in a remote area) or that your company's firewall is blocking the connection. In those cases, the Firmware Updater can be used with advanced options. 

  1. Open the FW updater on a computer that is connected to the internet and/or is not behind the firewall. It is convenient when this is the same computer as the computer that will be used to update the MTi with, but it does not have to be. 
  2. Choose “Show Advanced Options”
  3. Choose “Download only” and click Next. 
  4. Choose your product range to download (e.g. MTi-G-7xx) and click next. This will download the appropriate files to your computer. You find the file here: C:\Users\[User]\AppData\Local\Xsens\Firmware Updater. The file that contains the firmware is called fwucache.xsb. 
  5. The following step is only required when you use another computer for the FW update process. Copy the fwucache.xsb file to another computer (same location)
  6. Run the FW update on the offline computer and choose Advanced Options - Update from Cache. 
  7. Follow the instructions. 


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