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A range of scenarios is available in the MVN software, which differ mainly in the interaction with the ground, but may affect the behavior of 3D position and orientation. Some scenarios provide the possibility to run the HD reprocessor (MVN 2018 and up). As opposed to the real-time engine or (automatic) reprocessor of MVN, where the data is processed frame by frame, progressing forward in time, the HD reprocessor adds the feature to process data over a larger time window. In this way, the HD reprocess engine is able to include information from the past, present, and future to get an optimal (and more consistent) estimate of the position and orientation of each segment.

This will raise the data quality by extracting more information from the same data set and modelling for skin artifacts, with the purpose to ensure the best results within the chosen type of environment or movements. Click this button (see picture), activate the check for the HD Reprocessing in the drop down menu and run the HD Reprocessor! -->



Depending on the environment where the subject is being captured as well as the desired output quantities, 4 user scenarios are available within the software to meet user requirements:

Scenario Discription Available in HD Quality*
Single Level This is the default scenario that should be used when interactions of the subject are known to be limited to a single level. The behavior of the contact points, which can be anywhere on the body, is confined to a zero level floor. If the subject is for example climbing some stairs, each step is corrected towards the zero level floor and the height information is lost.  Yes
Intended for MVN Animate (3D character animation) users, for enhanced contact detection and production-ready data
No Level For users who are not primarily interested in floor interaction and position changes in space, the No Level scenario is recommended. In this scenario, the pelvis is fixed in space and all kinematic quantities are expressed relative to the pelvis. This could be of interest, for instance, for the analysis of human body joint angles in biomechanics, or for applications in which ground contacts are not clearly defined (like for ice skating). Yes
Intended for MVN Analyze (human motion analysis) users, for the highest quality 3D kinematic data
Multi Level The use of the Multi Level scenario is recommended for subjects who interact with floors/objects that are not strictly single level, e.g. stair climbing, sitting, etc. It should be noted that some minor drift in height might still occur.  No
Soft Floor This scenario is intended for cases where floor interaction with a single level floor is important, but the floor is not strictly zero level, such as when walking on a soft surface. No

* HD Quality: choosing a scenario that is available in HD quality means that the HD Reprocessor can be run with this scenario selected, raising the data quality. Choosing a scenario which is not available for HD reprocessing will result in the chosen scenario in normal quality (automatic reprocessor). 

You can choose your preferred scenario in the configure session window while inputting your MVN system settings (live mode), or change the scenario to a different one in the Setup window > Data Fusion tab (file mode).

TIP: if you have multiple files that you'd like to reprocess and export in your preferred format, please go to File > Export > Batch Export and in the Reprocessing option enter "HD Quality". Enable the option "Save MVN file after reprocessing" and you'll use this batch exporter as a "batch (HD) reprocessor" as well.


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