CA-MP2-MTi multi-purpose cable Molex connector part numbers

The CA-MP2-MTi cable allows access to all nine pins of the Fischer connector on the MTi 10/100-series. The pinout is shown in the MTi User Manual.

The cable is terminated with a 9-pin Molex header. The header is the Molex PicoBlade receptacle 9 way, part no. 51021-0900, link:

As of August 2017, that page has a listing of compatible parts that will mate with the header:
"Mates With Part(s):
53261 1.25mm Pitch PicoBlade™ Right Angle SMT Header, 53047 1.25mm Pitch PicoBlade™ Vertical Thru-Hole Header, 53398 1.25mm Pitch PicoBlade™ Vertical SMT Header, 530481.25mm Pitch PicoBlade™ Right Angle Thru-Hole Header"

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