How to fix Firmware Updater error "Could not write eMTS"

Note that the update process described below should only be used when you get the error "Could not write eMTS"

If you get an error message on the Firmware Updater that says "Could not write eMTS", then the sensor is not successfully updated. 

The workaround for the issue, you can update the firmware first without eMTS and the next time with the normal program which will update the eMTS:

  • First, open a command line window with Administrator privileges. In Windows, the command line program is found at: C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe.
  • Next, navigate to the Firmware updater folder by using the following command (modify as needed for your installation):
    cd "Program Files\Xsens\Firmware Updater 4.1.2"
  • Start the Firmware updater with the following command:
    firmwareupdater_gui64.exe –s
  • The "-s" commands the Firmware Updater program to skip the eMTS and other settings. Run through the normal steps, which will update all but the eMTS.
  • Finally, run the normal Firmware Updater 4.1.2 again without the "-s" flag, which should successfully update the eMTS, and your update is complete.
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