How to fix Magnetic Field Mapper Error 286 "Failed to start logging"

The Error 286 "Failed to start logging" message may show up in the Magnetic Field Mapper (MFM) tool due to two problems:

1. The version of the MTi sensor firmware and the MT Software Suite may not be compatible. That can happen for example if the version of MT Software Suite was old. If you are not using the latest MT Software Suite, please visit our download page and install the latest version. In addition, please try updating the firmware of your MTi with the Firmware Updater v4.0.8, which you can also install at that link.

2. The Error 286 can also be caused by problems with the logging directory. If you choose a logging directory without rights to write, you can get a 286 error. The folder in which the MFM program records the log file may be write-protected. It can be that the default folder (C:\Program Files\Xsens\..) can only be accessed with an administrator account, set up during installation. In that case, please try changing the folder to another directory that is not protected, such as. C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Temp or C:\temp.

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