System Requirements MT Manager

Find the detailed system requirements and recommendations for MT Manager* here:

  • Windows XP (Service Pack 2 installed), Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Intel® Pentium® or AMD® processor, 1 GHz (minimum) Pentium® IV 2 GHz or AMD Athlon® XP 2000+ or higher (recommended)
  • USB port (1.1 or higher) or standard PC serial COM-port (RS-232)
  • Graphics card with 3D hardware acceleration and OpenGL support. Contact your graphics card manufacturer to ensure your graphics card drivers are up to date.

NOTE: MT Manager is designed to assign a low priority to graphics functions if your computer can not update the screen smoothly due to insufficient computing resources. This is done on purpose to avoid interfering with the core functionality of the MT Manager.

 *Last updated for MT Manager version 4.8

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