Mounting the MTi-OEM

The MTi is calibrated for misalignment, non-orthogonality, gain, offset (bias) and several more parameters. In the encased MTi, the non-orthogonality is protected by the casing and the careful mounting on the base plate. 


With the MTi-OEM, there is a risk that the MTi is tightened too much or that the board bends, so that the calibration parameters are no longer valid.


The following steps ensure that the OEM-board is mounted correctly. In the example below the MTi is mounted on small poles on the base plate, so that the required clearance below the MTi-OEM is secured. When mounting the MTi on other objects make sure to use poles or a clearance of at least 3.5 mm below the board surface (over the entire foot print of the MTi). 


1. To mount the MTi use a torque screw with torque set to 0.1 Nm


2. Add Loctite to the screws (M1.6x4 Brass) before tightening the screw


3. The screws need to be tightened in the order as shown below. When mounted on an object that is not the MTi base plate as shown below, make sure to have at least 3.5 mm clearance below the board surface (over the entire foot print of the MTi).


4. In order to protect the components close to the gyroscope triad, place a fitting shrink tube over the mounting hole and drop the screw in this tube. Tighten the screw. Note that warranty voids when components on the PCB are (physically) damaged. 


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