Synchronization with 3rd party devices

Synchronizing a MVN system with 3rd party devices is very easy. Our MVN systems are capable of synchronizing in 2 ways depending on the software configuration you have purchased.

For MVN Studio Standard/Pro/ BIOMECH

  •  Through the Audio LTC Decoder (what used to be the time code plugin). Using this method, either an Audio LTC decoder (audio signal) or a VITC (video signal) will provide a time stamped series of data at any increment selected.  This time series data can then be used to align the MVN data with any other data collected using the same time signal. Please see the MVN Time Code and Remote Control plug-in User Manual for more information.

For MVN Studio BIOMECH only

  • Through the use of the MVN Synchronization Station.  This station provides 4 BNC connectors to which third party devices can be connected. The MVN Studio sync operates on TTL pulses from 0 - 3.3V and can act as either the master or slave.  The MVN Sync will allow customers to record time synchronized data from multiple systems in their own software which can then be exported and analyzed all together.  For more information on TTL synchronization, please see the MVN User Manual, Chapter "Synchronization with External Devices"

There are a few devices that have been tested and are listed below: 

Xsens Synchronization with EMG Systems  

Synchronizing with Noraxon EMG Link
Synchronizing with Cometa Wave EMG Link
Synchronizing with Delsys Trigno EMG Link
Synchronizing with TMSi EMG Link
Synchronizing with BTS FREEEMG Link


Xsens Synchronization with Pressure Mats  

Synchronize with GAITRite Pressure Mat Link


Xsens Synchronization with Optical Systems  

Synchronize with Vicon Link
Synchronize with Qualisys Link  


Xsens Synchronization with EEG Systems  

Synchronize with ANT Neuro Link


Xsens Synchronization with Data Loggers

Synchronizing with DataLOG Link  


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