Why are the LEDs not blinking in my MVN hardware? (Stealth)

Normally the LEDs of the sending unit (MTw sensors or BodyPack) are blinking synchronously with the receiving unit (Awinda station or Access Point). In case you do not see any lights during live view or a recording, your system is probably in Stealth mode. This mode is useful when the LEDs are disturbing your activities. To select/deselect the Stealth mode, please go to the menu of MVN > Options > Preferences > General > Recordings. You can find the Stealth mode option here. Click Save to apply the changes. 

For more information on the general LED behavior, please refer to the MVN User Manual, section 5.7.2 for the LED status of the MVN Awinda hardware, and 5.5.6 for the LED status of the MVN Link hardware.

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