How to determine the Firmware version of your MTi

Retrieving the firmware version

The firmware version of the MTi can be retrieved in multiple ways:

  • In config mode, request the firmware version using the command ReqFWRev (0xFA 0xFF 0x12 0x00 0xEF) command. The firmware version is returned, see below (this MTi has FW revision 1.4.1). 
  • In MT Manager navigate to Device Settings (device_settings_icon.png). The firmware version is in the header section of the window. 
  • With the Firmware Updater, the firmware version is checked before updating and is displayed in a table.


Using the firmware revision

The firmware revision can be used to find what changes have been made since the last update. See this article for release notes of the various firmware updates. We always recommend using the latest available firmware version. You can find out whether you are using the latest version by running our Firmware Updater

When the MTi starts up in Config Mode only, there can be something wrong with the firmware. When the firmware version starts with 255, e.g. 255.0.6, the MTi is in boot loader mode. Refer to this article.


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