Recording a MTB file with XDA Processing


Recording a MTB file with XDA Processing is often used to analyze a measurement and the MTi itself.

With XDA processing all the internal status data can be seen and the orientation can be re-calculated using different filter profiles (MTi only). This gives the possibility to test the effect of different filter profiles and select the correct filter profile for your application. When recording a MTB file with MT Manager, MT Manager will generate a .mtb file which contains the recording. For more information also see the MT Manager User Manual.

In this article we show how to record a MTB file with XDA Processing using MT Manager.

For more information on what XDA Processing exactly is see the following article:
The difference between XDA Processing and Onboard Processing


Recording a MTB file with XDA Processing

  1. Connect the MTi to the PC

  2. Open MT Manager

  3. Click Output Configuration Options

  4. Select XDA Processing from the Preset: Drop down box
    (Important: Orientation must be No Orientation for XDA Processing to work)

  5. Click Apply

  6. Click Ok to close the window

  7. Click the Record button to start recording


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