Recording a MTB file with XDA Processing


Recording a .mtb log file with XDA Processing is often used to analyze a measurement and the MTi itself. When something is wrong with your MTi, Xsens' Support staff will often ask for an .mtb log file recorded with XDA processing. 

With XDA processing all the internal status data can be seen and the orientation can be re-calculated using different filter profiles (MTi only). This allows to test the effects of different filter profiles and determine the best filter profile for your application. 

In this article we show how to record a MTB file with XDA Processing using MT Manager.

For more information on what XDA Processing exactly is see the following article:
The difference between XDA Processing and Onboard Processing


Recording a MTB file with XDA Processing

  1. Connect the MTi to the PC
  2. Open MT Manager
  3. Open the Device Settings window (device_settings_icon.png), and select the Output Configuration tab:

  4. Select XDA Processing from the Preset: Drop down box
    (Important: Orientation must be "No Orientation" for XDA Processing to work)

  5. If you are using a serial(-to-USB) connection or a Development Board, make sure that the baud rate you have configured is high enough for the amount of data that is output by the MTi. We advise setting a baud rate of 921600 bps. This setting can be found in the Device Settings tab. 
  6. Click Write to Device
  7. Close the window
  8. Click the Record button (record_icon.png) to start recording, and again to stop recording
  9. After recording, open the (.mtb) log file using MT Manager. A window will pop up, asking you to select a filter profile, and allow to enable additional processing features, such as AHS and ICC.
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