How can I perform a firmware update on my (MVN/MTw) Awinda system?

To make optimal use of your system, it is recommended to always have your firmware and software up to date. Please monitor the website for MVN or MTw Awinda to see if these are still up to date. On that page you can download the (stable) Firmware Updater for your product. 

NOTE: in the release notes of any software package you can see which firmware version is supposed to be used in that version of the software. Mismatches in these versions can result in incompatibility problems.  
Note: to make use of these firmware versions, you need to have trackers with hardware version MTW2-... .

Please make sure that all trackers are always running the same firmware version. Running inconsistent/incompatible firmware versions may result in unstable behavior of your MVN/MTw Awinda system. 

Follow these steps for performing a firmware update on your MVN/MTw Awinda system:

  1. Connect the Awinda station & dongle to the computer
  2. Connect the Awinda station to the power supply
  3. Dock 6 MTw trackers in the Awinda station
  4. Run the firmware updater. Monitor the results to be successful
  5. Replace the 6 sensors by 6 other MTw trackers. 
  6. Run the firmware updater again. 
  7. Repeat step 5 and 6 until all your MTw trackers and Awinda station/dongle are updated successfully
  8. IMPORTANT! After everything is updated, disconnect the Awinda station/dongle both from power supply and the computer to power cycle the unit. After this power cycle you will be able to work with your updated system. If you don't perform this power cycle, the MVN system will not be found in the software. 
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