RMA Procedure MTi products


The following RMA procedure is for the MTi product line. After you request a RMA you will be contacted for instructions.

If you obtained the product through a partner or distributor, please contact them for RMA instructions.

RMA Procedure

  1. Fill in the RMA form with the following details (download RMA form.docx):

  2. Record a MTB file showing the issue, see below for instructions

  3. Send MTB file(s) and RMA form to
    For emails larger then 10 MB please use

We will contact you after submitting the RMA request for instructions.

MTB File

To have the best understanding of the rootcause of your MTi failure procedure we always request a recorded MTB file for each unit. In most cases we are able to diagnose the exact issue from a distance, predict possible costs and possibly prevent them.

With a recorded .mtb file we can see all the sensor data and internal status. Please record a .mtb file with MT Manager showing the issue.

Important: The output of the MTi needs to be set to Normal mode and as Preset: XDA Processing.

See the following article for MTB file recording instructions:
Recording a MTB file with XDA Processing

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