RMA Procedure for MTi products


The following Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) procedure applies for the MTi product line.

RMA procedures, cost estimates and terms are documented here: RMA Terms and Return Instructions.

If you obtained the product through a partner or distributor, please contact them for RMA instructions.

MTi 1-series specific RMA Procedures

As opposed to the MTi-10/100 series, MTi 1-series parts frequently cannot be repaired, thus the RMA process is slightly different. 

Malfunctioning MTi-3 Development Kits (DK) under warranty may be directly replaced, but we will likely still ask for the malfunctioning unit back for analysis. The steps to initiate the RMA process are still the same documented in the RMA Terms and Return Instructions.

Individual modules cannot be replaced by Xsens (we are only shipping modules in minimum quantities of 20 pieces). Individual module customers may be asked to consolidate malfunctioning devices and will get a minimum of 20 pieces or will be compensated with their next purchase.

Customers who bought MTi-3 Development Kits or MTi 1-series modules via distributors should still contact the distributor for service or replacement.

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