Using the Earth magnetic field to stabilize yaw

By default, yaw is stabilized using the local (earth) magnetic field (only in the  MTi-3/30/300 AHRS). In other words, the measured magnetic field is used as a compass. If the local Earth magnetic field is
temporarily disturbed, XKF3i will track this disturbance instead of incorrectly assuming there is no
disturbance. However, in case of structural magnetic disturbance (>10 to 30 s, depending on the filter
setting) the computed heading will slowly converge to a solution using the 'new' local magnetic north.
Note that the magnetic field has no direct effect on the inclination estimate.

In the special case the MTi is rigidly strapped to an object containing ferromagnetic ma terials,
structural magnetic disturbances will be present. Using a so-called 'magnetic field mapping' (MFM, i.e.
a 3D calibration for soft and hard iron effects), these magnetic disturbances can be completely
calibrated for, allowing the MTi to be used as if it would not be secured to an object containing
ferromagnetic materials.

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