Awinda Power Functionality

Basic tracker power:

ON: Turn tracker on by pressing power button near micro usb port once

OFF: Physically turn tracker off by holding button down for six seconds.

ALTERNATIVE OFF: When full Awinda system is talking to MVN animate, you can go to task>Switch off Hardware. This will work if fullbody, lowerbody, or upperbody suit configuration is talking to MVN Animate and displaying a humanoid avatar.

Basic Charge Functionality:

There are three charge stations provided with MVN Awinda system, each charge station featuring 6 micro USB charge ports. It is not recommended to leave trackers in charge stations once charge is complete.

Charge level indication: When tracker is plugged in to charge station a Solid light means 100% charged. The closer the light is to 0% charged the more rapid light on tracker will blink.

Basic Battery and Sleep Functionality

When trackers are powered on.

Sleep: ~30 second after powered on. Will not go to sleep if connected with other tracker in a fullbody, lowerbody, or upperbody suit configurations. Trackers will come out of sleep mode with minimal movement.

Powered off: If trackers are asleep for more than 12 hours they will power off.

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