Synchronization with a MVN Awinda station

Synchronizing a MVN system with 3rd party devices, using a MVN Awinda station (with BNC connectors), is very easy. When you use a MVN Awinda for your recordings, you can use that same Awinda station as synchronization device. You should go to the 'actor sync settings' tab (see option 1 in the figure below) to set the preferences that you prefer.

In case you are doing recordings with a MVN Link, you should have access to an Awinda station. You won't have the option to set the synchronization preferences in the 'actor sync settings tab', but instead, you should activate the sync tab (see option 2 in the figure below).


Once you have done this you can fill in the settings according to the preferences for the 3rd party device you would like to sync to. This article will provide you with more information regarding this topic: 

MVN Analyze: Synchronization Options - TTL

And this article will give you some examples with different 3rd party devices:

Synchronization with 3rd party devices


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