Downsampling During Export and Live Streaming to Achieve Specific Framerates

During Export and Streaming you have the option to set a Downsample or Skip Factor rate which will reduce the animation to a specific frames per second (FPS).

 Screen_Shot_16-8-2019_at_10.30.png   Screen_Shot_16-8-2019_at_10.28.png

Skip Factor Settings can be found in MVN within the windows above

The Frame Skipping goes from 0 (240 Fps for the Link. 60 Fps for the Awinda) which does nothing leaving the animation at its native recorded speed of your suit. This goes up incrementally to a Skip Factor rate of 10 (22 Fps for Link, 5.5 Fps for Awinda). 

Down Below is a chart detailing each Skip Level and what that will correspond too in Fps:-


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