Access Command Line Overview for MVN

How Can Command Lines be Useful in MVN?

Command Lines are a helpful way to quickly Process, Export or Trim your recordings without needing to launch MVN itself. This can be useful for those wanting to setup up a pipeline for processing a large amount of recordings. 

How to Access the Overview

For the Command Line Overview, which gives details on the current commands available for MVN follow the steps below: 

01. Open Command Prompt from the start menu

02. Find the path to where your mvn_studio64.exe is located. This is typically ''C:\Program Files\Xsens\Xsens MVN 2019.xx\MVN Studio''


03. In Command Prompt enter cd C:\LOCATIONOFXSENS\Xsens\Xsens MVN 2019.xx\MVN Studio, Make sure to use the correct path to this folder on your own machine. 


04. Now we are ready to enter our first command: mvn_studio64.exe -h


05. After a few moments the Overview will open up in Command Prompt and you can begin integrating command lines for MVN into your pipeline!


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