Markers can be a helpful tool to pinpoint frames of interest. You can easily set up markers on your Timeline and you can jump instantly to the frame of the marker.  


Marker Bar

The Marker Bar is located on the bar above the Timeline, see the image below. This is where you can View, Set, Edit and Remove Markers. Markers on the Marker Bar are indicated by the icon: mceclip4.png.

To zoom in on a specific part of the Marker Bar, you can hold your mouse over the Timeline or Marker Bar and scroll up to zoom in and scroll down to zoom out. 


Set Marker
In MVN there are two ways to set a marker:

1. Left-click Marker Bar where you would like to place it, input a name for the marker and the frame.

2. Set your Timeline selector to the frame of interest. Go to the Playback tab and click on "Add marker at current frame" or press the quick key: "+", then input a name for the marker and the frame


Click OK to confirm and it will appear as a tag on the Marker Bar (mceclip4.png) and in the marker list.


 Edit Marker
Once a marker is set you can edit it by right-clicking the marker tag on the marker bar and select "Edit Marker". Input a name for the marker. Note that editing the Frame will create a new Marker at the given frame with the given Name. To move a marker, simply drag and drop the Marker mceclip4.png  on the Marker Bar to de desired frame. 


Remove Marker
Once a marker is set you can remove it by right-clicking the marker tag on the marker bar and select "Remove Marker".


Marker List
The marker list enables you to observe where you have placed your markers throughout your trials, simply click the View tab and select “Markers”. The marker list will appear in an interface that you can move anywhere depending on your preference.

You can double-click on the Frame or Marker Text in the Marker list to jump to that frame. 


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