How to activate a dongle licence

When a licence dongle arrives at the customer site, it has to be activated before being able to run MVN. To do so, you need the following:

  1. Licence Key:
  2. Internet connection
  3. USB port settings fully activated and not in power save mode.

Bear in mind, licence activation has to be done only for the first use and can be performed on any PC. After licence activation, the licence dongle can be moved on any PC you need to run MVN, independently on which PC was used for activation.

Licence key

The licence key is issued by our Xsens customer service via email at the moment of the purchase of your MVN product and it looks like this:


The licence key in the email is needed to activate the licence for the first time. This email is usually sent to the financial department of the company/university or to whoever is in contact with Xsens for the purchase of MVN.  To facilitate your research, you can filter through all the emails received from

Internet Connection

Internet connection is needed during licence activation to contact our Xsens servers. Note that after the first activation, you don’t need an internet connection to run MVN.

USB Ports fully operational

Sometimes laptop computers enable USB power save mode, making the licence dongle undetectable. Refer to this article to make sure that feature is switched off.

Step by step guide

  1. Make sure your licence dongle is plugged in the USB port.
  2. Launch the Xsens MVN software activation software. Alternatively, launch MVN, which without a valid licence, will automatically redirect to the software activator.


  1. Click on next and paste the licence activation key.
  2. Click on next again until completion.
  3. If no error has occurred your licence is activated and you will be able to run MVN.


For any problem regarding licence activation, open a ticket on and make sure you include the following information in the ticket to facilitate the support procedure.

  1. Where the licence activation stops
  2. Error messages generated (better if screenshots are included)
  3. Licence key
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