Getting started with MTw and MT Manager 2019

Install the Software

You can download the software in under support and downloads.


Step 1: Open MT Manager
Open MT Manager and connect your receiving device (dongle or awinda station). This should make your receiving device detectable. Click scan ports for the software to recognize the receiving device:


Step 2: Enable receiving device

Once your receiving device appears on the device list on the left, click on wireless configuration. Here you should see the list of receiving device connected. Click on “Enable all wireless masters” to enable radio reception. At this point, the square on the left of the device ID will turn green.


Step 3: Connect MTw trackers

Turn on your MTw and wait a few seconds until all your trackers show up in the list on the right. Here you can see the signal strength of each tracker. Bear in mind, this parameter is a negative value, meaning that the closer the value to zero, the better the reception and vice versa.


Additionally, from this interface you can set other parameters such as, radio channel and update rate (Hz). Note that the update rate available strictly depends on the number of MTw connected. Refer to our MTw awinda whitepaper for further information.


Step 4: Go to Measurement Mode

Once you are happy with the configuration, click on “Start measurement on all wireless devices”. If each step was completed correctly, all the devices will go in measurement mode and the square besides each device will turn in dark green. This means each device is streaming data to the computer and you can display different data types by clicking on the tab on top of the screen.


For MTw, the options available are orientation data, inertial data and status data; all other options should be greyed out since those parameters are not outputted by the MTw.

Step 5: Visualize sensors


Step 6: Recording

At this point, you are able to record. Firstly, make sure the output directory is set correctly; by default data is stored in the Documents folder. Secondly, press the record button to start the recording and press it again to stop it. As a result, and mtb file will be stored in the directory previously chosen. One mtb file stores information relative to all sensors connected to MT manager at the moment of the recording.



Step 7: Load mtb file

To visualise the recording, open the mtb file using MT manager by clicking on File/Open File. At this point, you will be able to display your data, as well as, exporting it in a txt file format. To do so, click on File/Export. Here you can choose what type of data will be included in your txt file by checking the corresponding box. Note that MT manager will generate one different txt file for each sensor, identified by serial number.


Further information and troubleshooting

For further information refer to our MT Manager user manual:

Note that, at the moment, UTC time and time-related information are not available for MTw.


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