MVN to iClone

In order to connect between MVN and iClone, you should additionally purchase Motion LIVE plugin and Xsens profile. For detail, please check Reallusion's purchasing website.

To establish the connection between MVN to iClone, please check the following iClone's tutorial video:

Remarks: In the latest version of MVN, you can access Network Streamer by clicking the iconicon.jpg or going to Options > Network Streamer. In the Network Streamer, you should select Position + Orientation (Euler). Also, in iClone, please make sure the IP address is the same as in MVN Network Streamer + Port. For example, if you stream from MVN to a Host on Port 9763, set Connection in Motion Live to

                                 MVN                                                                                  iClone

mceclip2.png  mceclip3.png

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