Xsens DOT APP Guide v2020.0

Step 1: Turn on the Xsens DOT

Turn on the DOT trackers you want to connect by plugging in a USB cable. Once the trackers are on, you can either unplug the micro USB cable or leave it in charge while using the app.

Step 2: Open the Xsens DOT APP

The Xsens DOT App requires the following settings to be enabled:

  • Bluetooth on
  • Full permission to read and write on the mobile device

If those requirements are not met when the app is started, you will receive a notification. Once the app is started wait until all your DOT trackers are detected. If some of the trackers In order to refresh the page and start a new scan, pull the screen down.


To connect a DOT tracker, click on the toggle switch that corresponds to the tracker you selected. When connection is established, the tracker will be highlighted and a popup message will appear at the bottom. In addition, you will be able to see the battery status and, by clicking on the DOT icon, you can access further details such as name TAG, firmware version and calibration date. If you have Multiple trackers connected, it is recommended renaming them by editing the TAG to avoid connecting the wrong trackers.



Step 3: Measure & Collect Data

Once your Xsens DOT trackers are connected, click on the “Measure & Collect” button at the bottom of the screen. By default, all the tracker will record data if no other setting is changed. To change that, click on the selected tab button and uncheck the tracker you want to exclude. When you are ready to record, click START on the top right corner.  Here you can choose to record inertial and orientation data or only one of those. For further information, see the appendix below. 


Step 4: Start recording

After your trackers are selected, click on the “START” button on the top right corner to start recording. After a short sync, data charts for each sensor will be displayed, which include acceleration, angular velocity, Magnetometer data, orientation and free acceleration. To view the graphs for multiple trackers, swipe left or right.


Step 5: Stop recording

To stop your recording, click on the “STOP” button on the top right corner. A different csv file for each tracker will be stored in the XSENS DOT SDK app folder within your mobile device.


Step 6: Export Data

Connect your mobile device to a PC through USB cable. Make sure you give permission to access the file transfer between phone and PC. From “This PC” access your device and look for the “Xsens DOT SDK” folder. Access the folder and select the subfolder corresponding to the recording you want to export. Each subfolder will be named in the following format: YearMonthDay_HourMinutes. To facilitate the identification of the correct recording, enabling Details view and sort it by creation date might help.


Each file can be opened with Microsoft Excel and it will be a 20-column spreadsheet ordered in the following manner:

  • Packet counter
  • Timestamp
  • Delta_q (W,X,Y,Z)
  • dV(1,2,3)
  • Mag data (X,Y,Z)
  • Orientation in quaternion (W,X,Y,Z)
  • Free acceleration(X,Y,Z)
  • Status Byte


For further information about each quantity, refer to our Xsens DOT User Manual.

Appendix: Data type



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