Maya and MotionBuilder legacy plugins

Below are the download links to older versions of the Maya and MotionBuilder plugin.

These legacy plugins are no longer supported. We recommend you to use the latest version of the plugin and MVN for the best performance. The latest version of the Maya and MotionBuilder plugin you can find here under Plugins, Integrations and Sychronizations.


Compatibility with MVN Maya MotionBuilder

MVN Studio 4.0

MVN Studio 4.0.1

Maya 2014 Mobu 2014

MVN Studio 4.0.2

MVN Studio 4.1

MVN Studio 4.1.2

MVN Studio 4.2

MVN Studio 4.2.1

MVN Studio 4.2.5

MVN Studio 4.2.6

Maya 2015 Mobu 2015

MVN Studio 4.3

MVN Studio 4.3.1

MVN Studio 4.3.5

MVN Studio 4.3.6

MVN Studio 4.3.7 

MVN Studio 4.3.9

Maya 2016 Mobu 2016

MVN Studio 4.97.1

MVN Studio 4.4.0

MVN Studio 4.98.0

MVN 2018

MVN 2018.0.3 

MVN 2018.1

MVN 2018.2

Maya 2017 Mobu 2017

MVN 2018.3.0-beta

MVN 2019.0

MVN 2019.1-beta

MVN 2019.2

MVN 2019.2.1 

Maya 2018 (Finger Data) Mobu 2018 (Finger Data)


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