How to set up a Server and Client for Network License

This article explains how to set up a Server and Client for a Network License of:
- MVN Animate (Pro)
- MVN Analyze


1. Activate Network License
Before setting up the server that will carry the license, you will have to activate the network license. 

1. To activate the network license, please visit this article: Activate Network License


2. Set up Server

  1. Download the HASP tool from our website and install this onto the server.
    ( > Go to Tool > Sentinel HASP/LDK).
  2. Insert the red dongle into the server. Confirm that the dongle is red and not black. 


  3. Now, go to (http://localhost:1947) and click on “Configuration”.


  4. Then, click on the “Access from Remote Clients” tab and make sure “Allow Access from Remote Clients” is checked. Do not forget to “Submit”.


You should now be able to run MVN Animate / Analyze on a computer that resides in the same network. If you also have a sub network, computers residing there, will not be able to connect to the server. For this to work, additional settings need to be applied.


3. Setting up a client computer (MVN 4.2 and up)

  1. Start the activation tool and click on license selector.


  2. Scan for the IP address of the server that has the network license.


  3. If the correct IP address is chosen, the network license should show up. Now all you have to do is select the network license.


  4. MVN Animate / Analyze should start up automatically after selecting the license.
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