Xsens with 3rd party software

Ergonomic Tools

Siemens Process Simulate

How to import data from Xsens to Siemens Process Simulate?

  • How to set up a Process Simulate to receive Xsens data?
  • How to set up the video and the streamer in MVN Analyze to Process Simulate?
  • Ergonomic Assessment in Process Simulate

Step-by-step manual





Biomechanics Tools


How to import data from Xsens to AnyBody?

  • How to export a file in the right format in MVN
  • How to load a Xsens BVH file in Anybody
  • How to load a Xsens C3D file in Anybody
  • Which is the worflow from MVN to Anybody.

(manual coming soon)




Programming Software


How to import MVNX in Matlab? 

  •  How to export an mvnx file in MVN Analyze?
  •  How to download the Matlab scripts from the Xsens website

(manual coming soon)

Xsens data in Matlab: 

  • How is the data organized in the Matlab structures?
  • Which variables are exported in the mvnx file? 
  • How to plot the data in Matlab?

(manual coming soon)

Stream Xsens data in Matlab: 

  • How to write the code of reading the streamed data?
  • How to interpreter the streamed data from MVN Analyze? 
  • How to use this data in Matlab?

Streaming protocol manual









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