How to check for minimum requirements Xsens DOT

How to check for minimum requirements

Identify what requirements are

Check on the Xsens DOT user manual or our website what the minimum requirements are for the device you have or intend to purchase. For Xsens DOT, below you can find a recap


Supported platforms

SDK and APK for Android

·       Android OS 8.0 and above

·       ARMv8 CPU architecture

SDK and APK for iOS

·       iOS 9.0 and above

Bluetooth requirements

·       Best performance with BLE 5.0, DLE supported

·       Compatible with Bluetooth 4.2

Notice that for best performance, a device that supports BLE 5.0 with Data Length Extension (DLE) or above is always recommended. Once you have identified the mobile phone you intend to use, you can proceed with your research.

Check online if the requirements are matched

Go online and check for minimum Bluetooth and operative system of your mobile phone. It is recommended using up-to-date websites such as Search for your phone model and make and you should be able to find the specifications for that specific phone.


The most interesting tabs are platform and comms. Make sure the OS is Android 8/iOS 9 or above and Bluetooth is 4.2 or above. Note that for best performance, BLE 5.0 or above is recommended.

Check for architecture type – Android Only

Note that iOS users can skip this step and only ensure OS and Bluetooth are supported.

ARMv8 CPU architecture or arm64- v8a ABIs is a mainstream architecture adopted in Android market. There are multiple methods to check this. If you have already the phone in your hands, there are multiple apps that can tell you the specifications of your processor very quickly. You can find some guides online, as well as, a link below.

If you instead don’t have the phone available (or simply don’t want to pollute your device with many different apps), you can perform some research online. You can then search for CPU information on the manufacturer website. Let me explain this with an example. Let’s suppose we have the intention to buy a Samsung Galaxy S9 and we want to ensure its architecture is compatible. We then search for its specs on gsmarena and discover the phone features a chipset Exynos 9810 (10 nm) – EMEA (this particular model features a different chipset for the phones distributed in US or China but the concept is the same).

We then google “Exynos 9810” with some key words such as “architecture” and look for tables that explain in which category this specific processor belongs to. In this case, Exynos 9810 is a 64-bit octa-core ARM, which is compatible with Xsens DOT App and SDK.

Additional Architecture reference

For simplicity, you can find below a list of the most common processor architectures present on the market that are compatible with Xsens DOT App/SDK.

  • Cortex – A53
  • Cortex - A73
  • Exynos – All
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 808, 810, 820, 821, 835, 845, 855,855+, 865
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 700 series
  • ...



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