Contamination reduction, cleaning and sanitation of Xsens Hardware – Link System

Limiting hardware contamination

This document describes procedures that can reduce the risk of contamination without damaging the product or impeding the performance.

Use of disposable medical tape and plastic pouch

  1. Substitute the Link suit or the Link T-shirt and straps by medical tape. The use of the suit is not required to ensure the good placement of the sensors. Instead of the velcro straps or suit, strong medical tape can be used to fix the sensor to the body. It is important to make sure that a strong enough tape is used to avoid sliding and possible detachment of the sensor. At the end of each recording session the tape can be disposed and new tape can be used for the subsequent participant. It is recommended to take special attention to the loose cables that link the sensors, if pulled hard they can break the connection with the sensor. Therefore, it is recommended to also tape the wires to the body to avoid being too loose or to wear loose pants on above the sensors.
  2. As the battery and the body pack are the most heavy pieces, they can be placed inside the back pockets of clothing that the participant is wearing, such as pants or shorts. Be aware that with high dynamic movements the body pack and the battery can come off the pockets.
  3. It is possible to wrap the sensors, the body pack and the battery in a plastic foil. The transmission of the sensor data will not be affected if a layer of plastic will surround it. At the end of each recording session the plastic pouch or foil can be disposed and a fresh one used for the subsequent participant.

The recommendations above allow the use of the Xsens system with the same expectable quality and with minimum contact of the hardware with the participant.

Cleaning and sanitation of Xsens Hardware

In order to guarantee the lifetime and good functioning of the Xsens hardware the washing instructions are the following:

  • T-shirts and suits can be washed on 30°C in a washing machine
  • Straps and gloves can be hand washed on 30°C
  • Sensors can be cleaned with a damped cloth.

Sanitation of the product :

  • Wipe the sensors and cables with a cleaning wipe containing Isopropyl alcohol 70% for 20 second

Further notes:

It is important to notice that the recommendations above are tested to avoid hardware damage and guarantee the proper functioning of the system.
No guarantees can be given that the above procedures will prevent any type of infection.

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