Swap Trackers

The ability to Swap Trackers in recorded files is available in MVN. This can be useful if, for example, when trackers were accidentally misplaced during the setup of an OBR recording session. Swap Trackers allows to fix this mistake for one file or multiple files in a folder at once. 

NOTE: Swap Tracker requires you to have recorded or saved a calibration file from the same actor and session.

1. Swapping trackers

1. Open MVN and go to OBR > Swap Trackers

2. In the Swap Trackers window, select the Input Path where your files to be swapped are located. mceclip1.png

3. Select the folder in the Choose input directory window, and click on Select Folder.


4. The files in the folder will be shown on the left-hand side of the Swap Trackers window. You can select all the files you want to Swap the Trackers from by clicking the checkbox in front of the name. Alternatively, you can select all files at once, by clicking Select All beneath the files box. 


5. Select the correct calibration file among the files (see chapter 2 Calibration file for more information).


6. From the Tracker drop-down menu select the tracker(s) that have to be swapped. 


7. After both have been selected click the Swap button (mceclip7.png) to make them appear in the list. 


8. Select the desired processing option. 

9. Click Swap. 


10. MVN will Swap the selected trackers and reprocess the files with the selected calibration file. 



2. Calibration File

For swapping trackers of files recorded during a OBR session, you can use the same calibration file as used for importing (see On Body Recording (OBR)).


Live recording
For swapping trackers of files recorded during a standard Live recording session, you would have to have saved the calibration file (see MVN Calibration chapter 6: Save/Load calibration for more information).


3. Update Motion Tracker location of a Live Recording session

For more information of updating the Location ID's of Motion Trackers in recoded files, see How to change the Placement ID of a Motion Tracker.

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