Awinda Characteristics

Characteristics of the Awinda System

  • Latency: 30 ms
    • The time interval between the movement of the physical sensors and the representation in the MVN software.
  • Battery life: 7 hours
    • Duration of the battery when being in used.
  • Wireless communication: 2.4 GHz
  • Wireless range: 20-50 m with Awinda Station, 10 m with Dongle
    • Range in which the sensors can still communicate with the receiving station. It is important to notice that this range can change depending on room you are performing motion capture. 
  • On body recording: No
    • Feature only allowed by the Link system.
  • GNSS support: No
    • Feature only allowed by the Link system
  • Internal Sampling rate: 1000 Hz
    • Sampling rate in each sensor. Strap down integration is done to send out data with a lower output rate but with the same quality.
  • Output rate: 60 Hz / 100 Hz
    • The output rate of the system depends on the suit configuration used. In case a lower amount of sensors is used, such as only lower body configuration, the output rate is higher (100 Hz).Capture0023-5.jpg

Characteristics of the Awinda System

On the back of the Awinda Station there are four BNC ports, two Sync In ports and two
Sync Out. The ports have been configured to send (Sync Out) or receive (Sync In) TTL
pulses 0-3.3V.


More information about synchronization with the Awinda station can be found here:


Led status with the Awinda station:



Characteristics of the MTw sensors

The MTw provides 3D angular velocity using rate gyroscopes, 3D acceleration using
accelerometers, 3D earth magnetic field using magnetometers.




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