Firmware Updater freezes while scanning for devices

Due to communication issues caused by interfering COM ports, it may occur that the Firmware Updater software freezes or "hangs" while scanning for devices:


At this point the Firmware Updater will become unresponsive.

Two ways to tackle this problem are presented below.


Option 1 - Disable your COM ports

Usually this problem is caused by non-Xsens COM ports that are active, for instance Bluetooth COM ports. Disabling them can be a temporary workaround.

In Windows, navigate to Control Panel → Device Manager → Ports (COM & LPT):


...and de-activate the COM ports by right-clicking them and selecting "Disable Device". Then, run the Firmware Updater again. After updating the firmware the COM ports can be enabled again.

If this option does not solve the problem or if it is not a desired workaround, refer to Option 2.


Option 2 - Specify the port of your MTi device

If your MTi device is connected via a COM or serial port, then it is possible to specify that exact port when launching the Firmware Updater. To do so, open a Command Prompt and navigate to the installation folder of the Firmware updater, e.g.:

cd C:\Program Files\Xsens\Firmware Updater 4.3

Then, launch the Firmware Updater while specifying the exact port, e.g.:

firmwareupdater_gui64.exe -p "COM7"
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