Awinda Firmware Update

Step 1: Download the latest firmware updater. It can be found on the downloads page of the Xsens website.


Download Page:



Step 2: Extract the zip file, install the Firmware Updater, and run it. It will look like this…



Step 3: Make sure MVN software is closed and only the Firmware updater is running.


Step 4: Grab the Awinda Station, any 6x trackers, the USB cable, and the power supply for the Awinda station. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the Awinda station is plugged into power.





Step 5: Once the Awinda station is plugged into your PC, press “Next” in the Firmware Updater. The Firmware Updater will scan for devices. When those devices have been identified, you should see this…


The devices should include the Awinda station (AW-A2) and 6x trackers (MTW2).


Step 6: Select all devices and press “Next”.


The Firmware Updater will scan the Sever for updates and then this window will appear…


Press “Next” to start the updating process.  


Step 7: Wait for all 7 devices to be updated. The “Successful” window looks like this…


Click “Finish”. The Firmware Updater will close.


Step 8: Remove the updated trackers from the Awinda station, run the Firmware Updater again, and repeat the steps above. You can un-select the Awinda station in Step 6 to avoid updating its firmware a 2nd-time. Altogether, you will need to do this full process three times to update all 18x trackers.   

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