Xsens DOT Server

Xsens DOT Server is a web-based application that allows for connection of Xsens DOT with any device, including Windows, MAC OS or Raspberry Pi. Its source code is completely open-source and developed using the Xsens DOT BLE Service Specification Manual on node.js platform. Therefore, developers can download, tweak or further develop it to suit their own needs.

To download the repository or documentation and install it on your device, follow the instructions on the GitHub repository: Xsens DOT Server.


The features available include:

  • Sensor scan
  • Sensor connection
  • Real-time streaming: 3 recording modes*
    • Complete (Euler)
    • Extended (Quaternion)
    • Rate quantities(with mag)**

Future updates will include:

  • Additional recording modes
  • Recording
  • Synchronization

*BLE Service Specs supports 12 recording modes. Therefore, users could implement additional recording modes if needed.

**High fidelity modes not available for Xsens DOT Server or BLE Service Specs

You can find a list with all the features compatible with Xsens DOT Server in the table below. Note, since Xsens DOT Server is developed upon Xsens DOT BLE Specs manual, it can implement all its supported features if fully developed. Note, Xsens DOT Server is compatible with firmware 1.3.0 for now and will be compatible with 1.4.0 soon.

Firmware 1.4.0


Xsens DOT Server

BLE Service Specs

Real-Time Data Streaming

Recording modes



Data Export

(On Board) Recording


Heading Reset

Magnetic Field Mapping (MFM)

Over-The-Air (OTA) Firmware Update



If you have specific questions on Xsens DOT Server or you would like to report a bug, please do NOT use the form on but instead report an issue on the GitHub Repository. This will be handled directly by the Xsens development team.



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