Update Access Point firmware

By default, the Asus Access point that comes with the MVN Link system is updated with a verified Firmware version. If for some reason the firmware has been updated to one that is not verified, the connection is not guaranteed. Therefore, you can use this workflow to check the firmware version and update it to a verified version if required. 


1. Check Firmware version

1. Go to a browser window and open 
2. Log in 
3. Check if the firmware version of the Asus Access Point is a verified Firmware version (see list below)
4. If the firmware version is not a verified one, please continue to chapter 2. Update Firmware

image2015-4-28 16:36:54.png

Verified Firmware versions
Below is a list of tested and approved firmware versions for the Asus Access point. 


Download link for firmware version



2. Update firmware

1. Go to [Administration] on the main page.AP Config 9.jpg

2. Select [Firmware Upgrade]AP Config 10.jpg

3.  Press [Browse]
AP Config 11.jpg

4. A “File Upload” dialog will be displayed
AP Config 12.jpg

5. Browse to the folder of the downloaded firmware file (see the download link in chapter 1) 

6. Select the “RT-AC68U_3.0.0.4_380_7378-g7a25649.trx” file

7. Press [Open]

8. The selected firmware file is shown at “New Firmware File”

image2015-4-28 16:35:43.png

9. Press [Upload] to start the firmware update.

10. Wait until the update is ready. 
image2015-4-28 16:35:55.png

11. The firmware update is finished when the Acces Point main page is shown.

12. Check if the reported firmware is “”
image2015-4-28 16:36:54.png

13. You are now ready to continue to make a connection with the Link system.


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