MVN 2020.2

This article gives an overview of the new features of MVN 2020.2 and where you can find more information on the subject.


Update firmware

Make sure to update the hardware with the latest firmware (see list below). Please use The latest firmware updater to update the firmware. 

System Hardware Firmware
Awinda Awinda Station (AW-A2) 4.4.0
  Dongle (AW-DNG2) 4.4.0
  Motion Tracker (MTw2) 4.4.0
Link Body Pack (BPACK) 1.6.0
  Motion Tracker (MTx2) 1.6.0

How to update the firmware:
- (MVN/MTw) Awinda
- Link


System Requirements

A full overview of the System requirements can be found here: System Requirements MVN


MVN Basic

MVN Basic is a record only license that allows you to freely use MVN to:

- Record Motion Capture Data with 1 system

- View Motion Capture Data


MVN Analyze becomes MVN Analyze Pro

MVN Analyze will now be named MVN Analyze Pro. All features will remain the same.


MVN 2020.2 Features

Topic Update/New Documentation

Position Aiding: HTC Vive


Position Aiding

Object Tracking: HTC Vive


Object Tracking
Set up HTC Vive

HTC Headset support

HTC Controller support

Multitracker  support

HTC Vive Setup Guide

Unreal Plugin

HTC Vive support

MVN Unreal Live Link Plugin 4.25

Unity Plugin

HTC Vive support

MVN Unity Live Plugin 2019 (To be updated)

Maya Plugin

HTC Vive support

MVN Maya Live Plug-in 2020 (To be updated)

Motion Builder Plugin

HTC Vive support

MVN Motion Builder Live Plug-in 2020 (To be updated)

Network sync

LTC Time Code Support

MVN Network Sync now has Time Synchronization
Adjustable MVN update rate 240Hz, 120Hz, 100Hz,  80Hz, 60Hz, 40 Hz MVN Update rate options
ROBR Wireless download data from MVN Link Body Pack Remote On Body Recording
Glove Integration Stretchsense Streaming StretchSense Glove Data into MVN
MATLAB integration   MVN Streaming into MATLAB
EMG integration



EMG integration in MVN


MVN 2020.2 updates and improvements

Topic Update/New Documentation
Network streamer

Added ergonomic joint angles

Network Streamer in MVN

Center of mass data 

Added velocity Added acceleration 

Output Data in MVN


Body Dimensions are now mandatory

Remote On Body Recording


Release Notes

The release notes for MVN 2020.2 can be found here:


Known Issues

A conflict with Delsys drivers may occur when installing MVN 2020.2. Please read the troubleshooting chapter found at the end of this article for more information and help: EMG Integration in MVN with Delsys

You can always revert back to an older version of MVN if desired. See: Install Previous Version of MVN

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