Setting up Manus Prime 2 Gloves with MVN

The Manus Prime - Xsens Gloves can be used in combination with MVN to add finger tracking to the motion capture session. They can be used with both the MVN Link as well as the MVN Awinda system. 

This setup is for the Manus Prime 2 - Xsens edition. For the Manus Prime 1 Gloves, see Setting up Manus Prime 1 Gloves with MVN


1. Hardware

Manus Prime 2 - Xsens



The Manus Prime 2 can be used in combination with both:

- MVN Link

- MVN Awinda


2. MVN Compatibility 

Manus Prime II

  MVN 2020.0.1 and older MVN 2020.0.2 and later

Manus Software

Not Compatible

Only compatible with Manus Core mceclip5.png

Manus Dongle

Not Compatible

Only compatible with Prime II dongle


Dongle Firmware

Not Compatible

3.08 or higher

Gloves Firmware

Not Compatible

3.08 or higher


3. Setup

1. Insert the Manus dongle in the PC (see MVN Compatibility).

2. Put on the Manus Gloves

3. Place the Hand Tracker from the Link or Awinda on the corresponding Manus Glove. 


4. Turn on the Manus Glove by turning on the switch. 

5. Start the Manus Core software.

6. Optionally, you can open up the Manus Dashboard to perform a calibration, change settings, or view the hands. 


Manus Dashboard



7. Open MVN and start a new session. 

8. Select the actor you want to set up the Gloves for, by going to the Fingers tab. 


9. For Glove Type, select Manus VR Gloves. 


10. The ID will be displayed and the Gloves are added to the setup avatar on the right. 

(you can change ID manually if you are working with multiple pairs of gloves)



11. Click Ok

12. Perform a Calibration as usual (Npose + Walk). 

13. You are now ready to start Motion Capture with fingers




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