EMG Integration in MVN - Delsys

Starting with the MVN 2020.2 version, Xsens has fully integrated the Delsys Trigno RF system into the MVN software. With MVN 2020.2 and above, it is now possible to:

  • Connect multiple EMG sensors to the MVN software. 
  • Record EMG and motion capture data simultaneously while running only the MVN software. 
  • Visualize real-time EMG and kinematic data simultaneously.
  • Save and export all EMG and kinematic data in a single file. 

This article explains how to integrate the Delsys EMG system into the Xsens software. It is important to note that this article will only focus on the utilization of the Delsys system with respect to Xsens software and hardware. If there are more specific questions related to the Delsys software itself, please look into the Delsys support platforms:

Note: Only the Delsys Trigno RF system is integrated with MVN. None of the other Delsys Bluetooth variants are integrated.


Hardware Set-up

  • Set up the EMG sensors according to the instructions in the Delsys User's Guide. 
    1. The first time the hardware is used, will be required to pair the sensors to the station using the Delsys Trigno Control Utility. Note: the order in which the sensors are paired is the order in which they will be listed in the MVN software. 
    2. To turn on the Delsys EMG sensors to the station it is needed to place them in the magnet in the Delsys box.  
    3. Then, place the sensors on the body as recommended in the Delsys User's manual.
    4. Connect the Delsys receiving station to a USB port in the computer.

Note: The integration of EMG sensors with the MVN software it is also compatible with the Xsens Link system. The only disadvantage is that most frequently the Link system it is used with a lycra suit with does not allow the placement of the EMG sensor. If the Link system wants to be used with the EMG sensors, it is recommend to acquire the T-shirt and strap step for the Link system itself. 


Software Set-up

Before the Delsys system can be used with the MVN software, the Delsys plugin will need to be enabled.

1 - Go to "Options"->"Delsys EMG"


2 - Check the box "Enable plugin"


3 - Here there are multiple options to choose for the plugin:

  • Sampling frequency: 2148Hz or 4370Hz (Frequency data EMG data is sampled)
  • Sampling Range: 11mV or 22mV (Range is specified for the input of the EMG sensor and is samples with 16 bits)
  • Sampling Bandwidth: 20-450Hz or 10-850Hz (Filter applied to the EMG signals. It is designed as a maximally flat Butterworth to preserve EMG signal amplitude and phase linearity.)
  • Use Hardware trigger: This box can be checked in case the hardware trigger wants to be used instead of the software trigger. The hardware trigger is faster than the software trigger for reducing the delay between both systems. 

Set up the EMG sensors in the MVN software

To continue setting up the EMG sensors in the MVN software please follow the instructions in the article below:

EMG Integration in MVN:



When you install MVN 2020.2 or above, the drivers to read the Delsys system in 64 bit will also be installed. These drivers can be found in the Programs and Features list:


It is important to note that if you install MVN 2020.2, you will not be able to use the Delsys software anymore. If you would like to use the Delsys software again you need to uninstall the driver specified above. 



If you would like to use again Delsys in the Xsens software, you need to repair the Xsens MVN software for the driver to be reinstalled:

1 - Click on MVN 2020.2 or above in the Programs and Features list and click "Change".



2 - Then click repair in the next window:


3 - The drivers will be reinstalled. You should restart your computer to open MVN again. 


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