Serial Number on Xsens DOT

There are three methods to obtain the serial number for Xsens DOT. It is necessary to provide the serial number of your Xsens DOT sensor when contacting technical support.

Method 1: Read the serial number on the back of the sensor

This is a 16-digit number printed right below the QR code. See picture below (blue square)

Method 2: Scan the QR code on the back of the sensor

Use any phone camera to scan the QR code and obtain the 16-digit serial. See picture below (red square)


Method 3: Use the Xsens DOT App to obtain the serial number

  • Connect the sensor
  • Go to Advanced/Settings/Serial Number

Note: This method only works for firmware version 1.4.0 and above. Update to the latest firmware to benefit from this method. Follow our article on how to update the firmware for further information.



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