Streaming StretchSense Glove Data into MVN


The Xsens integration with StretchSense is available in MVN Animate Pro and MVN Analyze Pro 2020.2 and up. 


Start by downloading and installing MVN 2020.2 Animate Pro or Analyze and StretchSense Hand Engine. MVN 2020.2 and Hand Engine can either be installed on the same PC or on separate PCs on the same network.


Part 1 (StretchSense Hand Engine):

Pair the StretchSense gloves to their dongles, run Hand Engine, and calibrate/train the right and left glove. Documentation for how to do these steps can be found here:


After you complete the training process for the left and right glove, go to the top, left corner of the software UI and click on “Settings”. Choose “Preferences”, and turn on the “Xsens Streaming”. A port number will automatically appear.



Next, go to the dropdown menu for GLOVE 1 and GLOVE 2 and slide “on” the "Xsens Streaming".



Part 2 (MVN 2020.2):

Once the Actor is wearing the Xsens Link or Awinda suit, make sure the hardware is on and run MVN 2020.2. Go to File -> Start Motion Capture and the Motion Capture Configuration window will open. Setup the actor profile and confirm that green circles appears on the Avatar on the left of the window. Like this…


Green circles indicate a hardware connection between the Xsens suit and MVN software.


To setup the Actor profile in MVN, select a suit configuration (Full Body, Lower Body, Upper Body, or Lower Body with Sternum) , accept a system (Any, Link, or Awinda), select a scenario (Single Level, Multi-Level, No Level, or Soft Floor), choose a capture framerate (30, 40, 60, 80, 120, 240, Max (240 Hz)), and enter the body dimensions. For instructions on body dimensions, please read this article:


Next, choose the “Fingers” tab and select “Streaming Gloves” in the Glove Type dropdown menu. Make sure the left and right hand correspond to the left and right hand in Hand Engine.



Notice how the UDP Port (global) number matches the Port number in Hand Engine.  

When connected and streaming properly, the gloves are green on the Avatar. When a glove isn’t connected and streaming properly, the gloves stay black.


Finally, calibrate the Xsens suit:

When you press “Apply” at the end of calibration, the Avatar with have fingers that move in realtime. At that point, you'll be ready to capture or stream body and finger data. 



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