MTi 1-series Hardware Version 1.x Firmware Updates


In June 2018, Xsens released a hardware version 2.0 of the MTi 1-series product family. Information about this release is available here: Migration to Hardware Version 2.0 of the MTi 1-series.

All MTi 1-series with hardware version v2.x use firmware version 1.2.7 or later. For example, in January 2019, firmware version 1.4.0 was released for the MTi 1-series v2.x parts.

Meanwhile, firmware version 1.2.1 is the final firmware version for the MTi 1-series with hardware version v1.x. 

For further information and firmware release notes, please see MTi Release Notes and Changelogs.


Updating firmware on MTi-3 Development Kits with hardware version 1.x

At this time, the Xsens Firmware Updater (FWU) cannot distinguish between MTi 1-series v1.x and v2.x parts. Thus when using Firmware Updater with an MTi-3 Development Kit (MTI-3-DK) with a v1.x part, the software will try to update to an incompatible firmware that is designed for the later v2.x part. This will cause an error with the device (more on this error later).

As a solution, we have placed firmware version 1.2.1 on a designated update server.

Note that if you were to open FWU without using this designated update server, it will show a later firmware, such as version 1.4.0, which is incorrect for the v1.x part:


Thus to properly update your MTI-3-DK with v1.x hardware to the latest compatible firmware on the designated v1.x server, please follow these steps:

  • Obtain the Firmware Updater for Window or Linux at
  • Open Firmware Updater with a command line parameter that tells FWU to install firmware from the v1.x server. The command for this is shown below:


  • Now the FWU should open and the "New" version should show as firmware version 1.2.1:


  • Proceed with updating the firmware, and firmware version 1.2.1 should successfully install.


What if I have installed a new non-compatible firmware on my MTi-3 Development Kit v1.x?

If you did install an improper firmware on the MTI-3-DK v1.x, the sensor will become stuck in its bootloader state. In that case the firmware will show as 255.x.x.

The solution is exactly the same as stated above. If you run the FWU with the v1.x server parameter, it should install version 1.2.1 and clear up the firmware error.


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